Diversify Your Diet With Rainbow Colored Food

As children, we gravitated towards colorful toys and clothes. This is because color itself is a sign of vibrancy and life. Any vacation spot isn’t usually in neutral tones. The colorful berries on trees, blues of the waters, and prints of the people are also a sign of vibrancy. As people, we gravitate towards the colors of the rainbow as a sign of life, hope, and direction.
The center of your home is your dining room table, and the center of your life is eating. With family, with friends, or by yourself, food is not only nutrition but a form of expression. Diversifying your diet with the colors of the rainbow is the best way to ensure you are living your best life from the inside out. The nutrition that comes from a whole foods diet of raw fruits and vegetables is the most efficient way to intake the needed vitamins and minerals.
Vegetables such as the eggplant will enrich your culinary diet. Look up recipes or baba ghanouj and learn about European cultures! Fruits such as blueberries provide antioxidant support. The low caloric intake of celery with the protein of peanut butter can provide an easy snack for on the go schedules. The high Vitamin C of pineapples will sweeten your day and your life and ensure your health. Add some oranges to your water for a boost of flavor and immunity support. Finally, devour a red apple for its fiber for digestion support.
The colors of the rainbow serve as an easy guide to keep you healthy day and day out. The rainbow diet guide can also prove to be a fun way to educate and challenge your family and friends to do the same. Eat the rainbow every day!

5 Tips To Eating A Healthy Breakfast

It is not always easy to eat a healthy breakfast, specially if you are eating out at a restaurant. Many of us just grab a coffee, a pastry or something quick, which doesn’t contain enough good fuel to start the day.

It is especially hard to know what to look for when eating out for breakfast. Between the sweet and the greasy, bad choices lurk all around every menu. Here are some tips I like to keep in mind, when I’m looking for a healthy restaurants in Fort Collins Colorado near me.

  1. Look for fruit and vegetables. Adding a serving of fruit and/or vegetables to your breakfast is a great way to get a start on your 5-a-day. Instead of a bacon omelet, try a Western omelet with chopped vegetables. Switch a cup of fresh fruit for a greasier side. A side of salsa for your eggs is another great choice.
  2. Look for options with more fiber. Fiber fills you up and will keep you over until lunchtime. Opt for whole-grain bread instead of white. Whole fruit (although not juices) has plenty of fiber. Oatmeal is a fiber champion, just be certain not to add too much sugar. If you need the sweetness, see if you can add raisins or fresh berries instead.
  3. Be careful with your meat choices. Many restaurants have chicken or fish, which are great proteins with which to start the day. If the choice is between bacon, sausage, or ham, ham is the best choice. But be restrained, all these meats are processed adding nitrates that you want to avoid. These meats are also filled with saturated fat and fried in oil. Non-meat protein choices, such as eggs or Greek yogurt are other good selections.
  4. Ask your server to modify dishes. Hold the butter from your toast or pancakes. Add onions and peppers or spinach to your scrambled eggs. Ask for a smaller serving of meat on your breakfast sandwich. You may want to look at the menu before going there to plan out your best choices and modifications.
  5. You don’t have to clean your plate. Often restaurants provide very large portions. Eat until you are full and then stop. You can get a to-go container for the rest or just leave it behind. Also, start with the healthier parts of your breakfast, and fill up on those portions.

Check out the menus for breakfast restaurants in your area. Many restaurants are offering healthier breakfast choices because of consumer demand. If your favorite restaurant is lagging in good food, email the management requesting they think about adding more nutritious options.